Shelly Add Device workaround

As you can read on the iOS reviews for the app it is a pain… if you have newer wireless routers or router with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz… and guest networks etc.

I found this workaround that seems to work nice:

  1. Reset your shelly device
    1. Youtube link, but basically you have to connect a wire to the SW socket and just after turning on the Shelly put the other end of the wire on and off the L socket for around 3-5 times… till you hear a triple click
  2. Setup Internet sharing on a phone (iPhone 1)
  3. Connect phone (iPhone 2) to the first phone
  4. Go to the Shelly App on iPhone 2 and “Add Device”
    1. Enter the first phone (iPhone 1) as wireless router – with password
    2. The device is added and after a refresh you will be able to see it in the App
  5. Go to Internet/Security of the just added Shelly device, select WIFI MODE – CLIENT and enter the SSID and password for the router in your house

Now it will work on your house router and it is visible in your app… so you can stop Internet sharing on iPhone 1 😉

This above has been tested on Shelly 1 and Shelly 1pm.